ITER : testing of overhead cranes started

Since the giant poster was added to the Assembly Hall’s completed exterior in June 2016 the building has looked from afar like a finished project. But inside, teams have been advancing on finishing works—installing plasterboard, lighting, fire protection, cable trays; jointing and painting; and creating stairwells and a lift. Most recently, a first coat of varnish was applied to the floor to limit dust, testing of the overhead cranes started, and a special zone was prepared for the building’s first and most impressive assembly tools, the twin vacuum vessel sector sub-assembly tools. European contractors successfully achieved an ITER Council milestone in late June by making one part of the Assembly Hall « ready for equipment. »

Assembly preparation : The ballet of the Titans

Twin Titans, in the form of giant tools dancing a mechanical ballet to contribute to the assembly of one of the most co

REEL récompensé du prix « Excellence Opérationnelle » par la BU Chimie Enrichissement AREVA

Parmi les 100 fournisseurs principaux de New AREVA, REEL a obtenu le prix « Excellence Opérationnelle »

REEL renforce son offre globale d’intégrateur avec l’acquisition de la société AEI, spécialisée dans le perçage vibratoire manuel et robotique.

Some news from ITER : Hooked! Big, powerful cranes need big, powerful hooks.

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